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I’ve changed my mind-set and I’m on a rigorous path of learning both in my creative life and in my business life.

For business I am updating my knowledge in the realm of social media, WordPress and upgrading my Adobe  programs to CS5.5 to take advantage of advancements in InDesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Always a learning curve in the world of technology.

For my creative self who likes to dabble in various media, I started out this summer in a refresher course on handbuilding with clay to get my hands working again. I am now exploring various aspects of mixed media work and am signed up on-line art course called “Hot Wax Workshop”. The on-line aspect of it intrigues me. It involves video instruction and demonstrations, a private yahoo group to share process with other students and the whole new experience of encaustic painting.

So why explore yet another medium? It’s all part of the mix of mixed media. I saw a demo of encaustic painting at the Sooke Fine Arts Show in early August and I was smitten by the potential for texture, the layering of color and pattern, and the hands on/in way of working with the wax. Encaustic painting is an age old technique painting with heated pigmented beeswax. It has incredible potential for collage and for mixing it up with other media I have been experimenting with.

Hot Wax workshop  Visit Judy Wise for inspiration or maybe you’ll join me for some instruction and experimentation.

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  1. Hello Deb Clay–I stumbled upon your blog through Judy’s wax class and I must say I am smitten. Your writing is exquisite and your art–ah! I love your work. It will be interesting to see how our work evolves as we learn through Judy’s teachings.

  2. Hi Deb – I found your blog through Judy’s Wax class, too. I also started my creative journey with clay – stoneware then earthenware. It was learning about surface treatment on earthenware that I became intrigued with mark making. Now I’d like to combine hot wax with earthenware – oh the ideas. It’s all about the journey, right?!
    I am also an English major and love to write — so I’ve happily added your blog to my goggle-reader. I look forward to seeing your encaustic work.

  3. Thanks for your feedback – I’m too used to working alone and forget, even with the website, that there are a few people looking over my shoulder. 🙂
    Now to go out and peek over other “working shoulders”.

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