Beginner’s mind (again)

The other day I had a great feedback session with a writing friend.  We met in a local coffee shop to review her story and my poetry.  It was an exchange of experience, of knowledge and of energy as we responded to one another. What also came out of it is that whenever you “put yourself out there” you risk exposure and you gain exposure.  Yesterday was  the start of “Beginnings 2014”, an art show for artists working in new genres or those who have never been in a juried art show.  I have 3 paintings and 2 sculptures in the show and for some reason I feel very exposed.  I’ve had pieces shown but not in juried shows and I’ve had people buy my work but somehow this show marks a new way of being for me and I think it has to do with moving forward with beginner’s mind (no ego, no judgement) and embracing myself as a creator.

If you’re on Vancouver Island please drop in.  There are many pieces to view from a variety of artists and artists will be in attendance on Saturday afternoon (Jan.11)


 Some of my pieces are showing on my website – updates coming soon!

I’m also working on editing/finishing a group of poetry and a short story for a future anthology put out by our new writing collective (so new there is no website):  Sooke Region Writers’ Collective

More on the collective before the end of the month.

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